Welcome to Behaviology

Welcome & Introduction to Behaviology
Mar 11 / Tamsin Bromley-Rahlke
Hello, and welcome to Behaviology.

Born from a life-long fascination with people, particularly why make the choices we make and take the decisions we take, Behaviology aims to bring the knowledge, insights and findings of the behavioural sciences to a wider audience.

Hundreds of books are written about behaviour, habits, how to change, how to read & understand people - so what can we add?

Primarily its the ability to bring together these separate areas of knowledge & combine them into straightforward, useful and usable hints, tips and strategies. We've read literally hundreds of these books, trained across multiple professions, and even studied for 3 Masters degrees, but our passion is in making the complicated simple, and the complex understandable.

Behaviour Unites Us, and Divides Us

There's an increasing amount of evidence that we are what we do (of which, more later). The decisions we take, shape not only our lives, but also our personalities, and our future decisions. 

They determine how others see us, and how we see ourselves.  They impact on others' behaviour as well as our own.

So why aren't we ever really taught  about HOW we decide? The brain isn't a black box, computer-like structure, assessing every input to produce the perfect decision (even though until recently, that was been the fundamental assumption behind the entire field of economics). We know that emotion has a huge impact on the simple ability to make decisions and take actions, no matter how "rational" or "logical" an individual claims to be.

More than that, we have a huge range of increasingly well-understood, and highly predictable mental shortcuts that can override even the most obvious factual inputs.

In today's world, understanding those shortcuts matters. more than ever. Because they're being used - to nudge us towards positive choices and to manipulate us into negative ones. The ones that make other people richer & more powerful.

We want to bring back the power to decide for ourselves. To think critically, assess & make judgements. To support businesses who understand us, and use that knowledge ethically, and spot those who don't.

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