What is Behaviology?

It's our name for a field that is still so young, it has many names. Behavioural Economics, Behavioural Science, Decision Science & Business Psychology to name but a few.

To us its the study and use of the
psychology of choice, decision-making and action. 

how the brain works, through the knowledge of behavioural economics doesn't just matter for business (although its biggest users are the fastest growing companies of the 21st century), it can change your life. Important enough for it's founder, Daniel Kahneman, to have won a Nobel Prize in 2002, it helps you know yourself and other people, understand what sometimes seem to be 'irrational' decisions, and value the importance of emotion as well as factwhen making a choice.

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Our mission

Our mission is twofold:
  • To bring a better understanding of behaviology to the world, helping people make decisions that benefit them, and spot when they're being pushed into decisions that only benefit others.
  • To level the playing field by bringing the business advantages of better understanding behaviour (whether customers, employees or colleagues) to smaller businesses.
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Insight-Creating Breadth of Experience

It's great to be an expert. We want to learn from the best (just see our library here). 

But sometimes, the insight needed to solve a problem comes from looking across sectors. Seeing what strategies and techniques can be used in unexpected places. Not being afraid to experiment, and try something new. The ability to adapt is fundamental to life, and our breadth of knowledge, itself gleaned from experts in their fields is what allows us to ask the questions that get you the results you want. 

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Flexible, Adaptable & Targeted Training

Learn in-person, via live webinar or on-demand. Our courses are tailored to the needs of your bsuiness (by someone who knows what its like to build and sell a successful business.  

With input from a team of specialist associates to make sure you always get the latest knowledge, tips and tools, we make learning flexible, engaging & fun. 

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